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Anton Magno

Anton is Sunny Side’s studio engineer as well as its live sound and audio post specialist. He loves making sunny side up eggs.

He has an eclectic catalogue of both studio work and live sound recording – a testament to his hard work and endless desire to learn the craft. Some credits include projects with the Discovery Channel, the Asian Food Channel, Globe Studios, and GMA News TV, among others.

A bassist at heart, Anton has also worked and recorded artists such as IV of Spades, Ben and Ben, Brisom, Reese Lansangan, Vica Hernandez, Rusty Machines and We Are Imaginary, just to name a few.

His bands Nanay Mo and July XIV are also very active in the local scene, and he hopes to see you soon at the next gig.



A.A. Enriquez

A.A. is Sunny Side’s scorer and sound designer. He fancies runny yolks but is otherwise a scrambled eggs kinda guy.

He left his previous life as a copywriter to pursue music full-time, graduating at Boston’s Berklee College of Music with a focus on electronic music production and sound design. He has done scoring and sound design work for visual media as well as video games. He is credited in games such as Face Mountain, Potion Punch and Orebits, all the while doing jingles and other audio projects for clients such as Lactacyd, Globe, Listerine, Hewlett-Packard and Shipping Cart.

As Sunny Side’s main sound designer, A.A. loves squishy sounds almost as he loves dad jokes.


David Lina

David is Sunny Side’s second engineer and in-house producer. He thinks poached eggs are the best – next to sunny side ups, of course.

A swiss-knife of a musician, David has performed and contributed musical arrangements for events of various organizations, including the British Embassy and the Ateneo de Manila University.

Since their days in the Ateneo Musicians' Pool, he and Anton have been collaborating on records for various artists such as Ninno, Anj Florendo, and Mateo Escueta.

You'll often find him in the studio producing fresh new acts, and putting his perfect pitch to good use.



Ninno is Sunny Side’s producer and mastering engineer. He is amazed that an ostrich’s egg can feed a family of six.

One of the founders of the producer collective LOGICLUB, Ninno has been behind a DAW for the last decade and a half. He honed his chops at Pyramind San Francisco, where he studied production and arrangement as well as mixing and mastering for music, video games and post production. He has produced for acts such as Lions and Acrobats, as well as clients such as Netflix and Globe Telecom.

He has long been associated with his solo hip-hop act NINNO, and his nerdcore hiphop group Shadow Moses, where he performs as a rapper. Nowadays, he lends his taste to other artists, helping them refine and perfect their music.